IWIS is a “thinking holding” created to better manage the governance of the companies that are part of it, by enhancing their marketing, operational, logistic, and R&D aspects.

“Thinking Holding” because the work of our group of companies is guided by our thoughts and by our ideas, constantly aimed at meeting the needs of the entire chain, with different interlocutors, requirements and expectations.

With 14 factories, 11 branches, distributors and sellers in 70 Countries all over the world, we can count on a worldwide distribution network of products and systems for construction and large-scope projects, by continuously searching for innovation.

“We aim at being global suppliers of small-medium and large-scale building products and systems, by focusing on a continuous search for increasingly advanced products and systems. We are constantly at our global clients’ side, by supplying technical, design and operational support, thanks to our 40-year experience on the market. Our team aims at listening, understanding and meeting the customer’s needs.”

Luciano Mazzer
  • 1971

    Start of sales of asphalt shingle.

  • 1977

    The first Group factory

    Establishment of the first Tegola Canadese Spa factory in Vittorio Veneto, Italy

  • 1993

    First Te.Ma factory

    In Vittorio Veneto, Italy

  • 2001

    Te.Ma Iberica factory in Barcelona, Spain

  • 2003

    Te.Ma Med factory in Izmir, Turkey

  • 2004

    New factories

    Tegola Canadese and Te.Ma. continue their expansion abroad
    Tegola Roofing Products and Te.Ma. North in Davidovo, Russia

  • 2007

    Acquisition of the Venest factory, Ramon di Loria, Italy

  • 2008

    New factories

    The Group strengthens its presence in Eastern Europe
    Acquisition of the FIM factory, Kaniza, Serbia

  • 2009

    Participation in the XL MAT company, Gilly sur Isere, France

  • 2010

    Establishment of the IWIS holding

  • 2012

    Acquisition of the Fibrotermica company

    with factories in Barco di Bibbiano, Italy, and in Hungary

  • 2014


    Establishment of FI-VE Isolanti s.r.l. from the merger of Venest and Fibrotermica

  • 2016


    Acquisition of the Styrodur factory in Bibbiano, Italy, from BASF

  • 2018

    June 2018 kick-off Te.Ma. N.A. LLC – West Virginia – United States


Countries with support centres and qualified installers.
Countries with qualified distributors.
Research & Development and Quality Control divisions
product and industrial process patents and trademarks.

Commercial presence worldwide

14 production factories
11 branches
120 distribution centres

Production facilities

Vittorio Veneto I (TV)
Vittorio Veneto II (TV)
Bibbiano (RE)
Ramon di Loria (TV)
Roncà (VR)

Davidovo I (Russia)
Davidovo II (Russia)
Izmir (Turchia)
Barcellona (Spagna)
Buzau (Romania)

Kanizsa (Serbia)
Nyirad (Ungheria)
Gilly-sur-Isère (Francia)
West Virginia (USA) (from June 2018)

Financial Highlights


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IWIS states that its production processes do not pollute the air, water or soil, and that the components of all products do not contain toxic substances for humans and for the environment.
We supply our production cycles with the power obtained from renewable sources, with 3 photovoltaic plants, for a total of 440 kWp, and a cogenerator producing additional 800 kW of trigeneration.

Every day, before recirculating it in the environment, we filter 10,000,000 cubic metres of air.
We design energy-efficient production plants.
We optimize the logistic system to speed up deliveries and to reduce vehicle pollution.

We organize our industrial production so as to limit our waste to a minimum: whenever possible, we produce products with recycled materials and application systems and we design product application systems to minimize site waste.


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31029 Vittorio Veneto TV


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IQS 2017 is IWIS holding’s plan to strengthen the culture of quality in organizational, production, customer service, human resources and technological development processes.
IQS will help us meet our customers’ needs, by enabling them to be successful in their respective markets thanks to our products.
In order to achieve IQS objective, the IWIS team strives to adopt “a discipline of reliability in organization and innovation”. Our actions will be totally focused on continuously improving the quality of our products and services.